How to start to copy trading on Lirunex?

How to start to copy trading on Lirunex?

To Start copy trading with Lirunex you will first need to open a live trading account. 

To see the best results and performance we recommend the LMS_0000-RS-PT trading account on MT4 with a Leverage of 1:500.

Plus the LMS_0000-RS-PT account provides a spread starting from zero and Zero Commission.

Please make sure you fill out the form as is and stay on the website through the link this is extremely crucial for you to have Leverage 1:500


(If you don’t see these account types that means you didn’t use the link correctly and wouldn’t be able to follow us, so in such case DM us to contact the broker )

After registration, KYC, opening your account and funding your account (check here what amount of funds is needed for you to start with), After completing the account setup now you are ready to get started on the copy Trading with just 3 easy steps

Step 1

You need to login into your cabinet and click on the menu button in the menu button you will see copy trading click on copy trading after that it will open up the menu and there you will see the leaderboard clicking on it

Step 2

On the leaderboard page, you will see a search field you will need to type there Alpha or Alpha Copytrading by then our profile will appear.

When you see our profile you will then need to click on subscribe

Step 3

A subscription strategy page should appear 

You will need to make one simple change in the “Lot Allocation Method” There you will need to find the multiplier and click on it And then the field below that it will ask you what multiplier do you need you will need to add one to follow our strategy correctly

Agree to proceed and click ob the Subscribe button and you are done. 

Now sit back and see our strategy performance And Trades roll in !

If you have any more questions or need help feel free to contact us!

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