Lirunex Pamm

Lirunex PAMM Instructions For all client

1- Open your account from the link below, Make sure you open the account from our referral link to see the Pamm otherwise you will not see it 

2- Fund your wallet using any available method inside your cabinet , Minimum to join is 100$

3- Once your wallet is funded click from the menu on Managed accounts leaderboard and click subscribe

If you can not see us there that means you didnt open the account from the link correctly and need to DM us on telegram to assist you (

4-Once you hit subscribe a new tab will appear and you will need to click subscribe from the right upper corner 

5- From the pop up you will need to choose your Wallet USD and type how much you would like to add from your balance into the pamm and then Mark I agree to proceed and then hit subscribe 


If you have any more questions or need help feel free to contact us!

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